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About PEACE Intentional

Enable. Equip. Empower.

PEACE Intentional is a programme run by PEACE utilizing the skills of lay members, pastors, and teachers within the North England Conference (NEC) to deliver informative presentations.

The aim of the programme is contained within the name Intentional. We want to empower those who attend to be deliberate, studied and purposeful in sharing the Gospel.

Some of our previous Intentional programmes have been: trips to the British Museum, training on how to use a camera, organize a blog, effectively use social media to share the gospel and presentations on current events.

PEACE Intentionals take place quarterly with the events being promoted through our website, Facebook page and mailing lists.

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British Museum Trip

Sunday 25th March, 2018

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Sunday 27th May, 2018


Sunday 21st October, 2018



Sunday 9th December, 2018


Listen to what previous students have said about the programme

“I found the study session informative and motivational. It makes me want to study God’s Word more and the Spirit of Prophecy. The teacher had my attention throughout. I will definitely be looking out to attend future sessions.”

~ Annette Johnson

“I would recommend this type of informational to every Church member. At work there are refresher courses to keep us updated on new policies or strategies to complete our work more efficiently. The same is true for us as SDA Christians. We need regular refresher courses in prophecy and last day events. These type of informational talks not only remind us of the reason we have our calling but encourage us to “make our calling and election sure” (2 Peter 1:10).”

~ Ruth Chitate

“Personally, I had a great experience going to the British Museum. The PEACE team were kind and the event was great. It was even interesting for my 4-year old sister who find these things boring, but I didn’t. You get to see the bible in mysterious ways.”

~ Priscilla Ndlovu