PEACE Outreach

Join us for a month of intense outreach in Birmingham

About PEACE Outreach

Join the arm of Christ this summer

PEACE Outreach is a four-week project that will take place this summer, which will run during the 3-month flagship programme. The aim is to equip Seventh-day Adventists from around the UK to intentionally work together in reaching the city of Birmingham.

We recognise that not all individuals are able to attend the 3-month programme and so we want to provide an outreach opportunity for those who only have 4-weeks to spare in the summer. PEACE Outreach is the evangelism module for the 3-month programme and an attendee is able to complete this module as part of the part-time study option. However, even if you aren’t interested in the part-time study option, you are welcome to join us for this exciting evangelistic project. Please note though, individuals will not be provided a certificate of completion of the 3-month programme upon attending this 4-week opportunity.

All volunteers will be provided with training and guidance, and will work alongside the 3-month programme students to reach out in a variety of methods. Individuals of all ages are invited to be a part of this fantastic experience. Volunteers will:

  • Knock on doors
  • Engage in health evangelism
  • Support the public campaign

Evangelism as Christ Evangelised

Be part of making a difference in someone’s life
Knocking on doors

Door-to-door evangelism

Most of your outreach experience will be doing door-to-door evangelism and you will be provided all of the resources you’ll need to do it. The Lord will use you to bless countless people as you knock on doors.

Health evangelism

Health evangelism

We’ll be running a couple of different health methods of evangelism, and you’ll gain the knowledge and experience of being part of the right-arm of the gospel.


Public meeting

There will be a public meeting that all contacts will be invited to. You’ll be an integral cog in helping the meetings to run smoothly and efficiently.

Arrangements for the Project

Here’s all you need to know

More information regarding accommodation, food arrangements, and costing will be released soon.

Interested in getting involved this summer?