5 reasons why YOU should study at PEACE

The deadline for the next cohort is 13th April 2018

(1) A chance to get your spiritual life together

“I definitely feel a difference, my devotional life has improved. Especially when I did outreach. I had to learn to pray for the little things” – Daisy.

The students of the PEACE 2017 course were refreshingly candid. They claimed no greater extraordinary experience from any other church member. They were students and young professionals who took time from their busy schedules. Mostly they were young and at a cross roads in their life. They were trying to find out what the next place was for them to be.

They wanted a better Christian walk. A common prominent feature to their enjoyment of the training was that it was intense. The intensity of the course brought the impetus students needed to make some spiritual changes.

(2) A strong outreach focus

“Yeah, before I came to PEACE I had no experience of going door to door. And to be honest that was one of the things I dreaded the most about PEACE actually…”

A lot of the students who were interviewed were not experienced in door-to-door work. They either hadn’t ever done it before or, they had previously some mildly negative experiences doing it in the past. All of them had highlights from witnessing to the people they met.

“It was really cool to see the people we made contact with coming to the evangelistic campaign. One of the highlights for me was when I met a lady and she remembered me after a chat we had previously which meant we made a positive memory.” – Nadine.

At the door of each house, the students had a simple canvass which they used to promote their work, here it is:

“Hi my name is _______ and this is my friend ______ and are from a local community project. We’re just doing a simple survey to find out the needs of the people in the area. It won’t take much time. Would you be willing to take part?”

(3) Prime social interactions

“Socials were all really good, but I really liked the first social. Recent socials are really good as well I can’t pick one but the first night at Jimmy Spices (A local buffet restaurant)… I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. Jerson is so funny…” – Mthu.

Students all expressed fond memories of the time they spent together at social gatherings with each other. They had inside jokes that took quite some time to unravel but were amusing nonetheless to discover.

Having spent long periods of time together, the group was very much bonded by the social time they spent together.

(4) Excellent class material

The standard of teaching and materials are excellent

Nearly everyone on the course appreciated the material they studied. The content they learned was both engaging and challenging to their own understanding of the scriptures. There were classes on the Sanctuary, homiletics, hermeneutics and many more. A class students frequently mentioned that they enjoyed was ‘Righteousness by Faith’. The teachers did well to expand the spiritual horizons of each student, Rebecca said:

“Seeing how things related to me today, learning righteousness by faith was interesting. I was so challenged by the love that Jesus showed me I just realised more that I had to die to self.”

(5) Emotional encouragement

We have pastors, counsellors and other experienced individuals to support you throughout the programme

Spending so long in an intensive course where there were many challenges. Students found that there was a lot of support offered by teachers and fellow students. Just like there was a Barnabas in the early church.

The group had those who were there to offer support emotionally when they were feeling low. The teachers were often there to encourage the students and help resolve any issues they were having whilst on the training course.

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